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Homes For Hersham Launch Event

A few days ago we were contacted by one of the team involved with Homes For Hersham.

Homes for Hersham describe themselves as “…A group of local people frustrated with the cost of homes in Hersham. We want to see homes that are suitable for local people that our children can afford….” and are holding a launch event at Three Rivers Academy next Thursday (20th June).

At the event you’ll hear from local people, a community-led housing expert and someone who has successfully set up a community-led housing project.

20th June, 7:30pm, Three Rivers Academy, Hersham Road, KT12 5PY.

As we know housing is expensive and logistically complex so how will they operate?

Homes for Hersham isn’t funded yet but is supported by the Surrey Community Housing Partnership which is funded by the government’s Community Housing Fund. There are a number of funds that Homes for Hersham could benefit from in the future including the CLT Startup Fund, Community Housing Fund and funding raised locally, for example through a community share offer.

The thinking behind Homes For Hersham is to start a Community Land Trust which is a not for profit, community-controlled organisation that could arrange the provision of the homes and make sure they are affordable.

But what is a Community Land Trust?

Community land trusts (CLTs) are set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes as well as other assets important to that community, like community enterprises, food growing or workspaces. CLTs act as long-term stewards of housing, ensuring that it remains genuinely affordable, based on what people actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier.

  • There are already over 330 CLTs in England and Wales
  • 935 CLT homes have been built to date
  • More than 5,000 homes in the pipeline
  • Over 17,000 people are members of CLTs

Homes For Hersham have a page of FAQ’s but due to the fledgling nature of the project and indeed the CLT concept itself questions remain for the most part open:

  • Where are Homes for Hersham planning to build homes?
  • How many homes does Homes for Hersham want to build?
  • When will Homes for Hersham start building homes?
  • Who will be able to live in the homes you build?
  • Will the new homes be to buy or to rent?
  • Can the homes be sold?
  • Who makes a profit from this venture?
  • Who will build the homes?
  • How will the homes be allocated?
  • What’s the legal framework for all this?

If you are interested in finding out more and getting involved please do attend the launch event at Three Rivers Academy on Thursday the 20th of June at 19:30.

At the public meeting local residents will be invited to volunteer to join their steering group and, assuming progress is made, they will want as many local people as possible to become members of the trust when it’s set up. Members of the trust would control it through their vote.



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